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About Innospce LAB

Innospce Lab is your one-stop design thinking & innovation consultancy. We design out of this world brands and create uplifting digital and print media experiences. We focus on human interaction and experience to propel unique ideas into innovative stories. We understand that your business is your brand and we utilize mondern tools to bring it to life. What we offer: Branding & Design, Marketing Strategy & Implementation, Web / Mobile Design & Development. We are nerds with a knack for amazing design. No matter the project, no matter the location, we will launch your vision.

  • Photoshop / Corel Draw / Illustrator

    Where better to begin than with your story. We focus on why you do what you do. What do you love, hate, aspire to be? We use this information to take your idea from conception to development. With current and new brand identities, we create an in-depth style guide involving color palettes, typefaces, logo, mark, and marketing / media collateral. We probably care more about your brand than you do. With clear brand consistency, we apply it across all design mediums.

  • Photoshop / HTML5 / CSS3 / JS / Wordpress / Squarespace / Wix

    Content, Present, Content, Present. A brand is nothing without content and what better way to showcase your story than on the Web. We design your web or mobile app on some of the biggest platforms in the World with one goal in mind - increasing your impact and reach. No matter the project, big or small, we can create it for you. We tailor our tools to fit your project.

  • Indesign / Illustrator

    We love creating flyers and brochures. We also create marketing materials related to every business need you have. From investor presentations for your startup to Keynotes for a Ted talk - we have you covered. For us, the best way to scale your brand is through targeted email and social media campaigns. Prefer Mailchimp...of course!

  • Indesign / Illustrator

    Branding doesn't start or stop with a logo mark, but it is extremely important. We create clean and modern logos for every need. Our clients have come from all corners of the globe in nearly every industry.